-Iclick2- Web Hosting and Cloud Service offers an easy to navigate website creation tool which you can utilize to design your website without the need of having to type even one line of programming code. It’s really easy to get the hang of, with a very common user interface. The website creation tool features a range of different templates which are perfect for lots of site purposes, and every template offers a variety of color and layout options. Plus, all website designs are mobile–optimized and work on mobile devices.

The website creation tool is offered with all cloud plans, VPS plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans offers, if you chose the -Iclick2- Web Hosting and Cloud Service Web Site Control Panel.

A straightforward website creation tool

No web development knowledge is necessary

The website creation tool incorporated into the -Iclick2- Web Hosting and Cloud Service interface is really convenient to use. It will let you develop your own unique site with plain point&click commands. You will not have to comprehend CSS or any other programming language. If you have so far worked with an app or simply a text editor, you will already know how to work with the website creation tool.

From the tool’s dashboard, you can rearrange page components to your liking and customize them with just a click. Apart from that, you could embed images, videos, and even your own community portal, etc. in a matter of minutes.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of creative website templates

Amazing design themes that look flawless on phones, tablets and desktops

With the website creation tool, you’ll have access to an array of no–cost design templates for all sorts of websites such as individual pages, ecommerce stores, discussion boards, and so on.

Each website theme comes in a variety of layout schemes and features multiple color setups. Additionally, you will gain access to a vast library of licensed photos and will be able to pick from well over 100 different fonts for your site. Each site theme is created to work across all mobile devices. In case you choose to change a given template, you’ll be able to do that in a matter of seconds. All of the pages and changes you’ve made will be transferred over.

A variety of creative website templates

Integrated helpdesk and step–by–step videos

Check out how straightforward it indeed is to launch a web presence

The -Iclick2- Web Hosting and Cloud Service’s website creation tool includes a very handy helpdesk where you can discover numerous step–by–step articles and video tutorials that are influenced by the most commonly asked questions by clients.

They will help you out in the case you have the desire to watch how to add a new page, how to change the color combinations of your theme, how to add a shop cart module or even just how to change your entire website template.

And last but not least, we also have a customer service team that is available to you anytime, ready to give an answer to any of your questions.

Video Tutorials